Laptop battery lifecycles

To charge or not to charge? That be the question...

I'll start my first tip by talking about laptop battery wear.

First, a quick trick on how you can check your current battery life (also known as full charge capacity) for Windows users.

  1. Open up a cmd prompt. (Start -> Write "cmd" in the Search box and then press Enter)
  2. Write "powercfg -energy" and then press Enter.
  3. After 60 seconds a file (energy-report.html) will be generated containing a basic report. (the full path will be shown after it will be created)
  4. Go into the folder and open the file (it should start automatically with your browser)
  5. Scroll down to "Battery:Battery Information" (or something of the sorts) and you will see 2 key values:

El ranto numero uno



The Rants section is meant as a personal thoughts section (a blog if you will).

It will mostly contain posts concerning a wide variety of issues. I don't know how often the subjects will come, it might be daily or weekly, who knows? Stick around and find out for yourself.

Welcome !1!

Starting post

This first post is meant to be the "initiation" of the website.

Why did I create the site?

  • to learn new stuff
  • to share knowledge
  • to create something worthwhile with useful content
  • a pinch of boredom (maybe)
  • and because I could...

So by all means... "Stay a while and listen"